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Halloween joy all year-round!

This podcast, with its mix of Halloweenist creatives, is a source of joy for me all through the year. While new episodes are produced for only six months of the year, the episodes are fun to re-listen to! The host, Kristen Stafford, never fails to find interesting guests and ably shepherds the lovely, lively, and often heartfelt conversations about Art and what it means to create and appreciate it. Kristen serves as a sort of stand-in for those of us who are appreciators and not artists ourselves and, honestly, she has changed my perspective on what it means to be a supporter, rather than a creator. I better understand now the vital role that appreciators play in the art ecosystem. But this isn't an esoteric art/patron theory show; rather, it's a show about the joy of Halloween and how us Halloweenists, regardless of age, nationality, etc, have a strong community. Honestly, it's just great and you should give it a listen :)

Creativity at its best

It’s a meshing of the talents and vision of one “Eclectic Halloween Collector/Podcaster”and the equally magical guest artists that make this podcast entertaining and super insightful. Learn the Who What Where and Why they became an artist, and what drives them creatively. I personally listen to the episodes more than once and scroll their art on social media if I can’t travel to the various shows.

Love listening

I love listening to your podcast! So much fun and can’t wait for more!


This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for. Just binged every episode available and can’t wait for next season. For the Halloween- and Halloween art-obsessed, podcasts don’t get better than this. 👻👻